As host of the spoofed Chappelle's Show version of Frontline, Bill Bogert imbued Kent Wallace with the sort of hyper-seriousness required to balance the often ludicrous (but hilarious) subject matter. From Clayton Bigsby all the way to bigoted Hollywood animals, Bogert made these faux news reports seem damn near reality by simply narrating them in the same tone as the very real "Confessions of a Republican" ad from the 1960s:

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is taking a page from the Kent Wallace playbook, tapping Bogert for a new campaign ad that criticizes presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. The ad, uploaded to YouTube Monday, channels the vibe of Bogert's original anti-Barry Goldwater ad to highlight the similarly disconcerting facets of the Trump campaign. "Donald Trump, he's a different kind of man," Bogert says in the reboot of the classic ad. "This man scares me." According to Bogert, Trump is a "threat to humanity."

In an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in May, Bogert expressed his fear of a Trump presidency. "[Trump]'s never held any important job other than the head of Trump Industries," Bogert said. "He's never been an executive, either professionally or politically or militarily. Nothing. He has no background whatsoever. And the ignorance which is demonstrated in so many areas is, to me, terrifying."

Clinton's ad arrives just as the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland, a gathering which has already sparked multiple protests from both Republicans and Democrats alike. To further celebrate the RNC kickoff, Clinton has apparently purchased this timely Snapchat filter:

On a related aside, it's too bad Chappelle's Show isn't around to properly roast this entire election.