Thousands of people will head to Cleveland in the coming days to attend (or protest) the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and local strip clubs are counting on many of those people showing up to their establishments with fistfuls of cash. The Daily Beast reported that several of the top "gentleman's clubs" in Cleveland have been gearing up for some good old fashioned right-wing debauchery when the convention begins on July 18.

Jeff Kallam, the general manager for the Crazy Horse Cleveland strip club told The Daily Beast that in preparation for the convention, which lasts three days, the club has, "[C]ancelled all vacations" (how lovely for anyone who works there who may want to avoid hoards of Republican patrons) and "ordered in extra stock of alcohol, food, everything." Kallam also added that "Republicans love strippers, so we’re just hoping to make some money."

Beyond ordering extra booze and food, Kallam told The Daily Beast they've made plans to go above and beyond for their potential GOP customers next week: "We've got extended hours, and we've got some connections with the [local] hotels and limo services," Kallam said. "So we're hoping that helps us out."

A manager at Diamond Men's Club who identified himself only as Frank told The Daily Beast they are also planning for an influx of folks in their club during the convention, and that he would be "living" at the club during convention week. He also said some patriotic decorations were likely in order, given the occasion, 

The state of Ohio is trying to make this as memorable an event as possible for the Republican Party … And [special] decorations isn’t a bad idea; maybe a little red, white, and blue.

GOP conventions have been popular for exotic dancing clubs in the past, more popular than they tend to be for Democratic National Conventions.

Ahead of the 2012 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Angelina Spencer, head of the Association of Club Executives told CNN their organization's research found that Republicans averaged $150 in spending at topless bars and strip clubs versus an average of $50 for Democrats.