Donald Trump made his long-awaited, widely hyped Vice President announcement on Friday, choosing Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Perhaps less expected was a vaguely NSFW logo accompanying the new presidential ticket, prompting voters to truly Make America Great Again with an onslaught of dick jokes.

To be fair, it is apparently not the official logo of the Trump campaign but of the joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Convention. However, that didn't stop Twitter from roasting the Republican candidate for the bizarre graphic.

Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi had an even more alarming comparison of the new logo.



Regardless of what you think Trump's logo looks like, it is certainly not the first controversial logo, even of this election (anyone remember Hillary Clinton getting dragged for hers in April of last year?) We will have to see when Trump rolls out his official logo what the internet has to say, but in the meantime: Your move, Hillary.

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