While many Hillary Clinton supporters were happy when she announced on Friday that Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was going to be her running mate, not everyone was overjoyed by the news.

Clinton's Republican opponent Donald  Trump took only a few hours to weigh in. He called Kaine "the ultimate insider" in a text message to supporters.

The Trump campaign also issued a statement dubbing the Senator "Corrupt Kaine" and accusing him of taking $160,000 worth of gifts while in office.

Finally, the candidate himself weighed in on Twitter, bringing up the same accusations.

The gifts Trump refers to were given between 2002 and 2009, when Kaine was lieutenant governor and then governor. As a Washington Post article points out, they were entirely legal. Virginia laws at the time allowed gifts of any dollar value, as long as ones of $50 or more were disclosed.

Robert McDonnell, who succeeded Kaine as governor, was indicted on corruption charges in 2014 related to gifts he received, including some he did not disclose. However, that  conviction was overturned earlier this year.