Most people would like to believe that the sounds we hear in the middle of the night are just random house noises or the wind. But sometimes what you hear is a massive snake slithering around in your home totally uninvited. Australian resident Trina Hibberd has shared one such an encounter. Surprisingly, she remained extremely calm as she took a video of her creepy home intruder.

"Hey, we've got a visitor! And it's fucking huge..." Hibberd almost chipperly stated as she showed the length of the python, who had one end of its body in a coat stand in the hallway, and the other end down the hall and into a bedroom. That's how huge this thing was. Or, as Hibberd said, "It is massive. Ohhh god... Oh geez... Right."

In the comments of the video Hibberd posted to Facebook on Sunday, she mentioned that a snake catcher came to scoop up the python, who Hibberd nicknamed Monty (get it?). According to Hibberd's Facebook page, the snake catchers came when she called them at 4:00 a.m. to get rid of Monty, who had apparently been hanging around the roof of the house since at least 2012.


In comments to a Facebook friend on a photo Hibberd captured of the python who was cozying up in bed, Hibberd wrote,

He used to slither down into the pool area for a feed & a drink then slither back up just before sunrise unless he had a tummy full of food & got stuck. Am pretty happy that he's gone. Snake catcher said he was a kangaroo killer! 

Since the video of Monty was posted on Sunday, it has racked up 34,000 views.

Trina Hibberd did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.