There’s plenty of horror stories about things people have found in fast food: insects, condoms, syringes, even severed fingers. But here’s a story of fast food employees’ incompetence that has a happy ending. Or at least, it’s a bit less disgusting.

A man named Dave Cook went to a McD’s in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and when he bit into his double cheeseburger he found a $20 bill in between the burgers. Which if you’re going to find a foreign object in your food, is probably the best possible option. 

The McDonald’s restaurant say they have no idea how it got there, but Cook added that two guys sitting near him who saw what happened were disappointed to find nothing extra in their burgers. 

He also says he finished the burger, as he didn’t want to waste his money. Seriously man, that's not very hygienic, you don't know where that bill has been.

[via VTR]