Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has taken an aggressive stance against outsourcing, proposing tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports to protect American companies. But his opposition of profiting off of overseas labor hasn't stopped Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co., a Chinese paper goods supplier, from profiting off of him.

The company is currently selling "Dump with Trump" toilet paper plastered with the presidential candidate's face, according to China Daily. It comes in three varieties—smiling, pouting, and finger-pointing—according to The New York Post

Sales of the product have surged this year, often including as many as 5,000 rolls at a time, and it's especially popular in the United States. So despite his best efforts to promote an agenda against foreign goods, Trump is helping to sell them.

One fan of the toilet paper is Sydney Leroux of the U.S. national women's soccer team, who wrote in an Instagram post, "We are the least political people ever. We just thought it was hilarious."

Trump's opposition to outsourcing is ironic given that he profits off of foreign labor himself. The Donald J. Trump Collection clothing line relies on factories in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, and Mexico.

It looks like China's having the last laugh, though. They're getting business in the country Trump wants to cut off from them, and they can enjoy knowing that people are literally shitting on him.

Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co. did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.