There are plenty of ways to get hurt at the beach this summer, from purposefully getting sunburns for totally-not-worth-it body art to a rowdy bro landing on you while a sheriff's deputy chokeslams him to the sand. If you're Leonardo DiCaprio, great white sharks are apparently a possibility, but another variety of aquatic creature, the usually chill and harmless nurse shark, won't be a problem for most people.

A woman in Boca Raton, Fla., however, learned that, despite their friendlier temperament, it's still not a good idea to mess with the bottom-dwelling nurse sharks found in that region. According to the Sun Sentinelthe woman, whose name was not released, emerged from the ocean and walked up to a lifeguard station with a nurse shark latched onto her forearm. Responders tried to get the shark to let go, but the fish remained locked on even after it was dead. Paramedics transported the woman to the hospital with the shark still attached.

Witnesses told the newspaper that the woman was with a group of swimmers who were "holding the shark by the tail" and "messing with it," which is what apparently pissed the animal off enough to make it bite.

"Sharks are like the most humane thing ever," the 11-year-old witness said, as he sat with his parents on the beach. "So it wouldn't bite them if they hadn't been messing with it."

Hopefully the hospital was equipped to deal with a severe case of shark-arm, otherwise it might be tough to explain to her boss why she is showing up to work Monday morning with a new friend. Or not, because Florida.