Now that he’s the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, Donald Trump is working overtime to appear more presidential. Recent attempts at a memory wipe include distancing himself from a former butler who called for President Obama to be hanged and squashing his beef with Paul Ryan after meeting with senators in Washington, D.C.  

However, it’s hard to forget all of the other messages that've already come out of his campaign, including calling Mexican people "rapists" and "criminals," saying China is "raping" the United States and more recently, sharing a picture of himself eating a taco bowl with the caption, "I love Hispanics" on Cinco de Mayo.

With a penchant for saying things that belong in Cards Against Humanity, it’s not surprising many Americans are angry with him. With Ted Cruz out, effectively killing the Zodiac Killer meme, the internet is latching on to a hot new trend: "#F**kTrump." In place of the violence frequently seen at his rallies, people are exercising their right to free speech and giving him the finger right outside of Trump Tower, Milk reported.


what are you trying to compensate with this tower, donald? fuck you anyways. #donaldtrump #fucktrump

A photo posted by gonzalo (@mistersupertramp) on Apr 21, 2016 at 12:30pm PDT

If you’re not into middle finger selfies, you can always wear the t-shirt with that catchy phrase instead.

Internet-savvy kids aren’t the only ones jumping on the anti-Trump train. Johnny Depp and George Clooney have publically denounced him, and Jon Stewart came out of the woodwork to say he would vote for Mr. T over "Man-Baby" Trump