Chipotle Mexican Grill just can't catch a break. After enduring both an E. coli outbreak and some norovirus troubles in 2015, the fast food chain has perhaps never been more in need of a PR victory. One dissatisfied customer's tweet Saturday, however, is most likely not the sort of social media shine the company is looking for:

Burrito bowl with a side of WHOLE CHICKEN FOOT? Not even the most dedicated carnivore is up for that challenge. Chipotle's tweeted response was surprisingly succinct, containing absolutely zero instances of "OH FUCK WHAT IS THAT" but plenty of remorse:

The tweet has been shared thousands of times since first being posted by @roxyweekley over the weekend, with concerned tweeters giving some post-death shouts to the chicken and expressing their general distrust of chicken foot-infused burrito bowls.

"When we were contacted regarding this alleged incident, we immediately reached out to the customer so that we could conduct a proper review," a Chipotle representative told Complex Monday. "So far, we have not been able to speak with the person who raised this allegation."

But alleged chicken feet cameos and the E. coli woes of yesteryear aren't the only issues currently facing the chain. As outlined by Business Insider Sunday, industry analysts are citing "menu fatigue" as another obstacle in the months ahead. The Chipotle menu has only made one major change in the past 23 years, a consistency that some argue is now working against the company's best interests.

"We believe [Chipotle's] success made them a bit complacent (although not with its desire to expand its store base or improve in-store operations) as the company's lack of interest in innovation over the last decade has resulted in what we consider to be menu fatigue," Karen Short and Brett Levy, Deutsche Bank analysts, wrote.

Thus the question remains: Anyone down for some Chipotle later?