At what age will a person lose their virginity? The answer might have more to do with science, and less to do with the underage consumption of Natural Ice, daddy issues, and the willingness of some rich dude to go to the bank and get a certified check than you would have thought. 

A new study shows that genetics may play a large role in determining the age when you'll finally lose your v-card, the New York Post reports. In other words, whether or not you'll end up in Jane the Virgin territory might be decided before you're even born, based on who your parents were. 

The study published in the journal Nature Genetics looked at the genes of more than 125,000 men and women and found that the genetic variation CADM2 made them more likely to have sex earlier in life and take risks. People with the MRSA variation generally had sex the first time when they were older and had generally grumpier attitudes. 

Those who had sex earlier were more likely to have kids younger and get less education (too busy doing it, maybe?). And for some reason, women who had genes that gave them red hair and freckles didn't have sex until they were a little older.

So if you're like Khloe and Kim Kardashian, who reportedly lost their virginity at 14, (Kim, to Michael Jackson's nephew, no less), there might be a reason for that. And if you're a 44-year-old virgin security guard with a bionic penis, there's a reason for that too, just a wayyy different one. 

Of course, genetics aren't the only thing that determines the age when someone will get it in. The authors of the study estimate the genes they found  are about a 25 percent factor in that decision.