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U.S. President Barack Obama may not attack his opponents as overtly as Donald Trump, but he's still found some subtle ways to throw shade at the GOP frontrunner.

Most recently, Obama said at a Los Angeles fundraiser on Thursday that he wouldn't hedge his bets on the real estate mogul's presidency, ABC reported.

"One of you pulled me aside and squeezed me hard and said, 'Tell me... that Mr. Trump is not succeeding you!'" he told the crowd. "And I said, 'Mr. Trump's not succeeding me.'"

He added, “Mr. Trump has actually done a service, as Mr. Cruz is doing a service, and that is laying bare, unvarnished some of the nonsense that we have been dealing with in Congress on a daily basis."

“We should thank Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz for just being honest that this is how we're thinking these days, or not thinking these days." 

POTUS called out the GOP candidates' questionable rhetoric in the most graceful way possible: by thanking the candidates. 


Here are three other times Obama has managed to elegantly read Trump: