The Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, recently announced his endorsement of Donald Trump for president after dropping out of the race himself. He follows in the footsteps of many admirable and honourable white men before him like Scott Baio and Aaron Carter. Christie is determined to let the world know how much Trump's racism means to him and in doing so, he stood proudly by The Donald's side during Super Tuesday. You might recognize this moment as the face that launched a thousand memes.

Continuing the theme of having no charisma and being totally awkward, Christie appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to explain that face and, well, he didn't really do much explaining.

Fallon asks Christie whether he was being held hostage, to which he responds "This is what you would look like if you were standing behind Jay Leno if he was doing his monologue." Clearly not understanding the level of shade he threw at Leno, the audience reaction throws him off.

Christie goes on to add to his already shaky argument. "If you're used to talking, it's awkward not to talk. So if you're standing there, I'm listening!" Fallon then pulls out a cardboard cutout of Christie doing that face and places it behind Christie's chair just to prove how awkward and distracting it is. Christie says, "I like that! He looks serious, he's listening." Then he tries to joke that if Fallon had declared a presidential run, he would have endorsed him, which garnered a reaction of complete silence.