Margari Aziza Hill is co-founder and programming director of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, an organization that provides racial justice education for and by Muslims. Outside of her day job, Hill uses Twitter to critically engage in discussions about the underrepresented and unheard.

"Social media has helped raise voices that have typically been marginalized by mainstream media," Hill told NTRSCTN in an interview. "We saw this with Ferguson, when mainstream media provided a false narrative about what was happening on the ground. We [instead] turned to Twitter for live tweets and live streams."

An active blogger since 2006, Hill uses digital tools to discuss her experience as a racialized Muslim woman.

"I turned to blogging because it gave me the freedom to work through difficult topics and engage with the broader communities in ways that I was unable to in Muslim communities, the academy, and mainstream media," she said. "Once I began to use Twitter, I saw how much vitriol was out there. But we used hashtags to bring together people, and delve deeper to discover our shared struggles and aspirations."