Another story to add in the case against selfies: An endangered dolphin died after a group of selfie-takers in Argentina passed the animal around for a photo op.

Images emerged of a large group of beach-goers passing around a dolphin at the Santa Teresita resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to The Independent. One video shows a man grabbing the animal out of the water: 

Several tourists then gathered to take selfies with the animal. Facebook user Hernan Coria shared pictures of the incident, in which the dolphin was passed around until its death.


Segundo delfín que aparece en el día en Santa Teresita una lastima no creo que vivan 󾌣

Posted by Hernan Coria on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

According to a statement from World Wildlife Foundation Argentina, the animal was a Franciscan dolphin, one of the smallest in the world. Found in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, there are only 30,000 Franciscan dolphins left, making them vulnerable to extinction.

Because the dolphins have thick skin which provides warmth, the foundation concluded that the dolphin captured on film likely died from overheating.