...Or what Vanity Fair called the “dating apocalypse.” 

Millennials aren’t exactly known for their ability to commit, whether it’s to a steady job (we’ll get to that later) or a romantic partner—and mobile apps and online dating sites haven’t exactly helped our cause. But digital dating doesn’t have an age limit. Millennials aren’t the only ones swiping, as those of us who have had to adjust our age preferences on Tinder know all too well.

And while it’s true that millennials are generally waiting longer to settle down, it’s actually baby boomers who are behind the increasing divorce rate. So what’s worse: hooking up for a while and parting ways, or getting married too young, having children, and then getting a divorce?  

Keep in mind: One of the reasons we're waiting to get married is because it’s hard to pay for a wedding, let alone support a child, when you’re still paying off your student debt.