As a Latino protester was shoved, kicked, and dragged out of a rally for Republican presidential primary candidate Donald Trump on Friday, a crowd of enthusiastic Trump supporters chanted, "USA! USA! USA!"

NBC Miami posted a video of the incident, which took place at Trump National Miami Doral Resort. As the station reports, the protester, Ariel Rojas, was part of a group of eight Florida International University students who held signs bearing letters that spelled out the word "equality." Rojas said that as he and his group were holding their letters, a group of Trump supporters standing in front of them turned around to grab their signs and tear them up.

The video shows several men in suits being forcefully escorted out of the rally. Behind them, the protester identified as Rojas can be seen being dragged by his shirt collar by a bald man in a polo shirt as the crowd cheers. After Rojas falls to the ground, the man grabs him again and appears to kick him before walking away. NBC reports that Rojas and the other protesters were then escorted away from the rally by police.

Trump's campaign told the station that the man seen in the video dragging Rojas was "merely an attendee" at the rally and not a member of the campaign staff, nor an employee of the resort. Representatives for the campaign did not immediately respond to NTRSCTN's request for comment.