A man recently shared screenshots of an exchange between himself and a woman he had recently met on Tinder through Imgur. After going on one date, he noticed she was moving a little too fast for his liking, endlessly texting him even when he explained he was busy at work. The man also describes that she was vocal about how upset she was when he didn't respond back in a timely fashion.

According to him, there were red flags from the get go: she would text him at 7:00 AM in the morning upset that she was the last to send a message in their text chain the night before. His post explains that he tried to overlook these red flags before they met, which didn't turn out to be the best idea. The following is his take of events from their short lived relationship that turned outlandish rather quickly: 

We make plans to meet up for an afternoon drink over the weekend. Had a little walk through the local park, a couple of pints at a nearby pub, nice conversation, etc. (Again, probably should've picked up on a few signs, but she was clearly a bit nervous and--again--benefit of the doubt. And we had a nice talk and a nice time.) A quick goodbye kiss on the sidewalk at the end, but nothing more.

She started texting afterwards, and--apparently--wasn't pleased with the speed of some of my responses. (Was a busy weekend.) After a couple of further chasing texts--the last one of which was pretty snarky--it was clear to me that this wasn't going to work. (Insecurity, for me, is THE deal-breaker.)

But we'd had a nice time, and she seemed like a nice woman, so I decided to send her a message explaining that I didn't think it was going to work and wishing her the best.

The next morning, I woke up to this absolutely epic text rant. I'm not a big online sharer, but this was enough to jolt me out of my years of lurkerhood. I knew you guys would appreciate the legendary craziness. Enjoy...

This was the message he sent letting her down easy: 

The mysterious Tinder date decided to let him have it by sending possibly the longest text essay rant in the history of Tinder'ing: 


It's always been my personal belief that when a man tells you he has an ex or briefly dated a "crazy" woman he is likely a fuck boy that lacks emotional responsibility—but this might just be the exception.