A 14-year-old girl was booked and sent to juvenile detention after police in Louisiana discovered that she allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend, ABC News 4 reports.

Baton Rouge police arrested the teen after what they call “an administrator of a website” told them that they had been contacted about having someone killed.

“We made contact with the 14-year-old female and talked to her about putting that on the website and after our discussion we felt like we needed to make the arrest,” L’jean Mckneely of the Baton Rouge Police Department told the outlet. “She was booked into juvenile detention.”

The ex-boyfriend who the teen was allegedly trying to have murdered was also 14-years-old. The information she gave the website included a photo of him, what time he gets on the bus, and where he might be found. Michael Nunnery, who is representing the young girl, strongly disputed the allegations.

“That’s such bullshit and I’m going to leave it right there,” he said, per ABC News 4. “I have nothing else to say. There is no way she did any act furtherance of this crime. There’s no way she could have carried it out. They are sensationalizing this at that point.”

He added that “in order to carry out any crime you have to have the wherewithal to make it happen. This is a 14-year-old, she doesn’t have five dollars to pay a hit-man.”

He said the site she used was called “rent-a-hitman-dot-com” and called it “satirical.”

“This particular child has psychological issues and she’s been certified of having psychological issues and so forth and so on. So really this is a whole lot to do about nothing at the end of the day. She has no ability or really desire to kill anybody and this was her acting out,” Nunnery added.

The teenage girl is being held on a $75,000 bond.