Founded: 2012
Where to cop in NYC: V-Files Store12 Mercer Street

Not everyone can afford designer clothing. There's no shame in that. It doesn't make them any less of a fan of the couture craftsmen that they follow. LPD New York pays homage to these creatives with fashion-inspired jerseys—placing designers' names on the back of T-shirts and mesh jerseys with their corresponding year of birth, or prominent number associated with the designer.

It's the street's response to the ever-blurring line between streetwear and high fashion, and the ultimate connection of the high-low aesthetic. They've recently branched out to the art world too, allowing you to rep names like Warhol and Pollock on your back. While their staying power is yet to be determined, what's clear is that they're hot right now—they keep selling out in stores like V-Files. Plus, when the shirts are popping up on NBA superstars such as Kevin Durant, it's safe to assume that LPD is much more than an underground movement.