Yesterday, the Internet went wild when Pusha T put one of his Stans on blast for having the Play Cloths "Running Jack" logo tattooed across his forehead. King Push thought it was awesome though, and called the inked young man "a true king." Brands can have a powerful effect on people, sometimes the products they make really click with a certain fan, and they want to take that brand loyalty to the next level: by getting it tattooed on their body.

Of course, the Play Clothes tattoo is just the latest in a long string of people who've tatted a brand's logo on their body (so you know it's real, etc.). You'd be surprised at the number of like-minded people who are willing to get their favorite streetwear brand's iconography etched on them permanently. Whether it's just diehard dedication to these labels, it's certainly free advertising for these brands. Here are The Most Ridiculous Streetwear Tattoos.

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