There's a reason why Mark McNairy was voted our Man of Next Year in Style, and that's because his designs have successfully captured the interest of guys who are both into high-end menswear, as well as streetwear. 2012 was the year McNairy himself became a hot brand. Not only did he drop some dope collections from his namesake Mark McNairy New Amsterdam line, he also proved a worthy successor to Engineered Garments' Daiki Suzuki as the designer of Woolrich Woolen Mills—taking away the workwear connotations and infusing the collection with a rebel prep vibe. 

While some are quick to write off McNairy as a one-trick pony—simply putting fun colors on garments or constructing them from atypical fabrics, it's clear that the designer's vision of menswear is the line between accessible and fun. Unlike the Alexandre Plokhovs and Takahiro Miyashitas of the world, regular guys can pull off his clothes. Combine all that with rapper co-signs from Pharrell and Danny Brown, and streetwear-friendly collabs with the likes of Timberland and New Era, and it's evident that McNairy's reconciliation of refined menswear with a bit of hip-hop flair is the direction menswear is headed towards.