Brooklyn We Go Hard takes its name from the brand's first collection of graphic T-shirts, which featured photographs shot by artists in Brooklyn. Ironically, the brand is based in Paris, and touts itself as more of an artistic collective than a clothing brand. Despite that, their Spring/Summer 2012 offerings give off the trappings of an up and coming streetwear label. Models with Basquiat hair, never smiling, playing around with accessories like vintage cameras.

The clothing itself is a lot more diverse than their initial offering of graphic tees, although plenty are offered. What caught our eye was the "Brooklyn Parle Francais" sweatshirts. Recently, duo Nelson Hassan and David Obadia sat down with Slam x Hype and talked a little about the direction of BWGH, how the collective was formed, and an upcoming collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Here are a few excerpts:

On BWGH's relationship with their artists:

"We tend to promote the artists as much as possible in two very different ways — we organize exhibitions [and] we put their photography on our T-shirts. On every T-shirt sold, the artist receives counterparts."

On the new collection:

"This collection is named  ‘Cornely’, an ancient embroidery mechanism that we updated on our products. The allure was influenced by pictures presented during the fabrication of those good outfits."

On their collab with Opening Ceremony:

"We met Humberto Leon and Carol Lim during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris last June, during Rendez-Vous Tradeshow. He was drawn to the message we are trying to convey. The ‘Brooklyn Parle Français’ sweater was one of his coup de cœur — that’s why we proposed a collab between OC and BWGH."

For the full interview, check out Slam x Hype. [Slam x Hype]

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