Height of Style: "Mr. Rager" video
Signature Look: Classic streetwear meets progressive fashion.

Kid Cudi has the notion of the personal uniform down pat. Hardly ever seen without his Jordans (notable exception: that time he was spotted wearing Louboutin Rollerboy Spike Loafers), he usually pairs his covetable kicks with well-worn jeans and a variety of outerwear ranging from GANT Rugger and BAPE to custom leathers he designed for Surface to Air. The mini-film "Mr. Rager" put his Surface to Air collaboration in the spotlight, showcasing the jackets in the context of an all-out gang war. Besides his own collaborations, Cudi also has a knack for pairing rare vintage tees with high-fashion jeans like Balmain and Dior. If you're a fan of his style during his BAPE days, good news: Cudi recently tweeted that he plans to sell his BAPE collection on Ebay.