Height of Style: Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010
Signature Look: Shutter Shades, Red Suit, Givenchy, Black tuxedo jackets with Balmain T-shirts, Balmain jeans

Don't talk about style, Mr. West will embarrass you. From handing out fashion beatdowns in Complex to spitting couture flows, his ambition in this arena has always been defined by flamboyance and audacity. He bumrushed labels like Ralph Lauren, Maison Martin Margiela, and of course Louis Vuitton, claiming them as his own. His splashy forays into Japanese pop art and European high-end designers like Riccardo Tisci and Phoebe Philo defined the sea-change in post '90s hip-hop style. His arrival in the world of high fashion was most widely noted by his outré looks at Paris Fashion Week 2010. Since then, he's evolved his style into something truly his own, proving himself unafraid to rock a custom red 3.1 Phillip Lim suit, a women's Céline blouse, or a custom Givenchy leather skirt. Unlike so many other rappers who've delved into fashion, he shelved the streetwear-friendly label for a full-on runway show, striving to be seen a bona fide fashion designer rather than a rapper with a side project. Kanye's all-encompassing, zig-zag journey has been a decades-long lesson on how to go from usurper to straight-up king.