Floyd Mayweather certainly seems to be enjoying his temporary retirement, and it helps that he has hundreds of millions of dollars to aid his leisure time. Although most of the world is waiting patiently for him to fight Conor McGregor, Mayweather appears happy to just hang out and flash the cash.

In a Twitter video he shared early Wednesday morning, the boxer created what he is calling the Mayweather Challenge, which he says is about showing off how you're really living. For his part, Mayweather showed off footage of him on a runway outside his private jet, hanging with a couple of crew members from the plane.

I'm not sure what exactly Mayweather was expecting in return, but the replies and participation in his challenge so far have been marvelous. The common thread in a lot of the replies has not been to show off lavish living, but to emphasize just how broke most people are in comparison to Mayweather. 

While the Mayweather Challenge might not live up to the legacy of the #BowWowChallenge, it is wonderful to see people having a laugh at their own expense. Take it from a guy who is drowning in student loan debt—I feel your pain.

Mayweather might have the private jet, but the internet is undefeated. The challenge boxing fans want him to take is to end contract negotiations and step into the ring with McGregor, and only then will the jokes stop flying.