It looks like negotiations for a possible fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather remain, uh, ongoing. On Friday, UFC president Dana White presented a formal offer to Mayweather of $25 million to each fighter. Considering Floyd earned $32 million in his last boxing match against Andre Berto, you could probably assume what he thought of Dana's offer. Later that day, TMZ Sports caught up with Mayweather, who laughed off White's proposal. 

After catching wind of Mayweather's cold reception to his offer, White fired off a video of his own, justifying why he would give the same amount to each person. "Floyd thinks he's so much bigger than Conor, he's wrong," Dana said. "Listen, Floyd's gone undefeated for 20 years, I give him all the credit in the world for doing that. Conor has been around for three or four years. For him to think that he's a much bigger star than Conor isn't true, and I'm not gonna pay him way more money than I'm gonna pay my guy."

While it makes sense that Dana wouldn't want to lowball someone who competes in his own company, he could not be more wrong about McGregor being as big of a star as Mayweather. Floyd went undefeated for nearly two decades, while Conor has been fighting professionally in the Octagon for eight years and already has three losses. Even though both guys are huge draws in their respective sports, Ronda Rousey's career path has taught us a valuable lesson. You can be at the top of the world and have it all taken away from you in the blink of an eye. Mayweather left boxing on top, and McGregor still has a lot to prove. 

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