When Dwyane Wade decided to opt out of his contract with the Heat earlier this month, no one actually expected him to leave Miami. But after LeBron James chose to return to the Cavaliers late last week, there was some speculation about whether or not Wade would re-sign with the Heat.

However, Wade deaded all of that speculation a short time ago when he posted this photo to Instagram:

Along with the photo, he also included this caption: "Home Is Where The Heart Is…My Home, My City, My House. #HeatLifer."

Translation: D-Wade is not leaving Miami and will re-sign with the Heat. ESPN's Brian Windhorst confirmed that right after Wade's IG photo went up:

Unfortunately, Windhorst hasn't been able to confirm the details about Wade's new contract yet. But early reports are indicating that Wade could make as much as $15 million per year over the next four seasons.

So there you have it, Heat fans. No LeBron. But with Chris Bosh and now Wade back in the mix, you will once again have a pretty solid team next season.


It sounds like D-Wade's new deal is worth approximately $34 million over two years.

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[via ESPN]