In theory, the NBA free agency period is supposed to allow NBA teams to get better, not worse. Every year, teams are given the opportunity to use whatever money they have available within the confines of the salary cap to improve their roster. But it doesn't always work out that way for them. Just ask any Knicks fan and they'll tell you that throwing a bunch of money at free agents does not always provide the quick fix that fans are looking for when it comes to their favorite teams.

During the 2014 NBA free agency period, we've seen several head-scratching free agency signings that could potentially come back to haunt teams in a few years. For example, the Pistons decided to give Jodie Meeks an inflated three-year, $19 million deal earlier this month, which is one of those contracts that could end up looking really bad in a couple years. But it's far from the worst deal that we've ever seen an NBA team give to a free agent. Just check out our list of The 25 Worst Free Agent Signings in NBA History. If your team took part in any of these historically bad signings, we apologize in advance.

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