NBA free agency has become an entirely separate season unto itself, a non-stop circus of Twitter rumors and teams battling each other to sign big names like LeBron James and Chris Bosh. It hasn’t always been this way, though; before Twitter and even before the internet, it was a much more understated affair that made it a lot easier to find talented players who could make a huge impact.

While some free agents fail miserably and a great many work out exactly as expected, there are a select few who exceed whatever expectations have been attached to them. Whether it’s a role player like Steve Kerr who hits a huge shot, a hidden gem like John Starks, or the reigning MVP like Moses Malone, a shrewd free agent signing can swing the fortunes of an entire franchise.

As we enter the prime of the free agency period, and the most important domino falling with LeBron going back to Cleveland, we’re taking a look at the 25 Most Valuable Free Agent Signings in NBA History.

*NOTE: Included on this are only instances of players changing teams. So even though Duncan almost went to the Magic and Kobe almost went to the Clippers, because they stayed with their teams they are ineligible.

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