How many times is Aaron Hernandez going to land on our list of the 10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You? To be fair, he did allegedly do something really bad last summer. So it's not a surprise that he keeps popping up on this list for one reason or another. But the fact that he's behind bars right now and still continues to find new ways to land on the list is pretty astounding.

This week, he deserves a spot on the list because of a fight that he was involved in with a fellow inmate at the Bristol County Jail late last month. According to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, Hernandez attacked the inmate back on February 24 after he continuously harassed Hernandez one day while the two were in a hallway together. And as a result of the fight—during which Hernandez "beat the guy up pretty good"—Hernandez was charged with assault and battery on Thursday. He's currently serving 30 days in an isolation unit. But once those 30 days are up, Hernandez is going to have to go to court to answer to the assault and battery charges, on top of all of the other charges that he's currently facing. We didn't think it was possible, but Hernandez put himself in an even worse situation this week than he was in before.

There are quite a few other people who had bad weeks just like Aaron Hernandez, too. Just check out our list of The 10 Sports People Who Had a Worse Week Than You. Try to do better next week, guys.