Aaron Hernandez was already in a ton of trouble before he attacked a fellow inmate at the Bristol County Jail last month. But now, it sounds like he's facing even more trouble in light of what happened between him and the inmate.

According to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, Hernandez was involved in a physical incident with another inmate back on February 24 after the inmate reportedly taunted Hernandez. The other inmate was wearing handcuffs during the incident and Hernandez allegedly "beat the guy up pretty good." But Hernandez is actually going to end up as the loser of that fight, because he is going to be charged with assault and battery as a result of it.

Hernandez is currently being held in an isolation unit at the Bristol County House of Corrections and will spend most of the next month there. But once he's released from isolation, he will have to report to court to face the assault and battery charges that have been filed against him. Stay tuned to find out the verdict.

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[via Eye on Football]

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