Late yesterday, reports emerged indicating that Aaron Hernandez had been involved in a fight at the Bristol County Jail. According to the reports, the former Patriots tight end attacked a fellow inmate in a hallway after the inmate harassed him verbally. However, a new report that was just released seems to indicate that it was not a fair fight between Hernandez and the other man.

According to TMZ Sports, Hernandez beat the inmate up pretty good. But during the assault, the inmate was reportedly in handcuffs. So the man struggled to defend himself against Hernandez and couldn't do much to prevent Hernandez from getting some good shots on him.

An investigation into how the two men came into contact in the first place is still underway. But regardless of what the authorities find, Hernandez lost—again!—here if he attacked a man in handcuffs. So much for being on his best behavior behind bars, eh?

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[via TMZ Sports]