Reebok are releasing their updated cult classic ‘Alien Stomper’ boot to celebrate their connection to the iconic Alien movie franchise. The boots were first seen on screen in 1986 worn by Ellen Ripley in James Cameron’s Aliens.

The design of the boots were inspired by the intense 'final battle' between Ripley and Xenomorph Queen. The patent black leather mirroring is inspired by Xenomorph’s exoskeleton and the neon green glow on the mid-sole pays homage to the Queen's toxic blood.

It’s rare to see as much care and attention put into the box as the shoes themselves. With no details spared, the custom box has been handmade to mirror the Queen’s chamber and is drenched in alien symbolism.

If you want to own a piece of cinematic history, the limited edition boots will be released as a double pack on July 18.

Reebok Alien Stomper
Image via Reebok


Reebok Alien Stomper Boot
Image via Reebok
Reebok Alien Stomper Box
Image via Reebok