To celebrate the legacy of the iconic Reebok Classic Leather, Kendrick Lamar took to Manchester, the spiritual home of Reebok, to rock an impressive set at the Granada Studios.

The space was converted into an interactive creative environment featuring live art installations and guests were encouraged to make their mark by contributing designs and working together to create a backdrop for King Kendrick to perform against.

When we see K. Dot in interviews then compare him to the energy he exuberates on stage it’s astonishing to see how such a humble and deeply introspective individual can ignite the stage with the click of his fingers. Like a Marvel superhero, he switches between one of the most exciting and one of the most thought-provoking artists of our generation.

But that’s the beauty of it right? Whether you’ve been following him since Section.80 or you discovered him when he dropped the masterful To Pimp a Butterfly, he’s a combination of deep thought, self-empowerment and crowd filling bangers (despite what Future fans may feel — #NoShots). Hence why it makes sense for Reebok to recruit the 'Bompton' native to their brand — also bare in mind this isn’t the first time the British sportswear brand has delved into the realms of hip-hop culture, Jay-Z and G-Unit anyone?

Despite being a secret show we were given exclusive access (plus some behind the scenes footage) which you can check out in the gallery below.