Role: Managing Director, size?, Foot Patrol 

With all the focus on boutiques in the U.S., it's easy to forget that there are spots killing it in Europe, and no one more than size? right now. Paul Ruffles, the managing director of the boutique (along with Foot Patrol), has given an identity to a corporate boutique and keeps the store flowing with exclusive product from Nike and adidas. Size? has even able to get Nike to re-release models, such as the Air Max 93, that the brand had kept sitting in the archives for years. The Huarache has become a size? staple, and heads in the U.S. have been searching out the U.K. retailer to get a pair—or two. The Air Max 93 looks to be making a comeback in 2014 at stores other than size?, and those who search out storied silhouettes view size? as the epicenter of their sneaker universe.