Network: CBS
Air Dates: September 13, 1996–May 16, 2005
Stars: Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts

Who needs children to complicate married life? On stand-up comedian turned TV star Ray Romano's sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, the omnipresent domestic headaches, and the subsequent comedy that arises, were routinely credited to the grown-ups surrounding the fictional Ray Barone (Romano). His wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton), couldn't resist complaining about her many stresses, often attacking his lack of assistance; his brother, Robert (Brad Garrett), can't hide the jealousy he feels over the fact that their always-around parents, Marie (Doris Roberts) and Frank (the late Peter Boyle), favor Ray over him.

Call it tough love. Everybody Loves Raymond carried on the age-old tradition of sitcoms mostly set inside a middle-class home and centered around the everyday woes that family inspires. You'd want to pat Ray on the shoulder and say, "We feel for you, man," if you weren't laughing so hard. —MB