The Liz Lemon Soundboard

Replay the quips of the iconic 30 Rock character.

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Throughout the past six seasons of NBC's 30 Rock, Liz Lemon (played to perfection by the woman she's based on, Tina Fey) has produced some of television's best comebacks and one-liners. And to think, all she really wants to do is sit at home and eat cheese. The character's quotes, known by fans as "Lemon-isms," make every girl who defines herself as "smart and funny" but not "hot and slutty" stand up and say, "Liz Lemon is my spirit guide." They're quotes that make any non-30 Rock viewer convert into a full-fledged Girly Show with Tracy Morgan expert. And, most evidently, they're quotes that make every nerdy Tumblr-using fan spend hours creating perfectly framed memes.

Maybe it's her confidence that inspires us to retweet all her lines, or the sheer insanity of them that makes us think they're actual good ideas (e.g. getting out of jury duty by dressing up as a Star Wars character). Whatever the reason, and in honor of the NBC sitcom's final season premiere tonight, here are some of Liz Lemon's classic quips that deserve a self high-five.


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