In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left most of New Jersey's shoreline decimated, there was a cruel (but, admittedly, evilly funny) joke heard around the Garden State's shell shocked streets, and it went something like this: "After MTV announced that Jersey Shore's sixth season would be its last, God made sure of that."

Listen, we'd gladly slog through more Jersey Shore seasons if it meant having Seaside Heights back in tip-top, functional shape. The tourist city deserves a fresh start, though, and what better way to do so than to rejuvenate without Deena's drunk munchkin ass stumbling all over the boardwalk? Throughout its disastrous fifth and final sixth seasons, the once-enjoyable and still ubiquitous reality show limped toward its inevitable finish line.

All of the show's sideshow appeal is gone, with a pregnant Snooki (read: less partying for her), a post-rehab Situation (read: less partying for him), and an increased focus on the aforementioned Deena, who's more of a cautionary tale than a watchable mess. It's not like we'll never see or hear from these kids again: JWOWW, in fact, just signed onto a new reality show about competitive diving (seriously). As long as they steer clear of the rebuilding Seaside, as well as MTV cameras and bars like the Beachcomber, all will be OK.