Stars: Justin Kirk, Joanna Garcia-Swisher, Bobby Lee, Tyler Labine, Kym Whitley, Betsy Sodaro
Premiere date: September 26

Each and every new TV season, whether it's September's fall stretch or January's mid-season time-frame, a dozen or so sitcoms premiere and only a lucky, select few last longer than four or five episodes. Programs like Community, Happy Endings, and Raising Hope are diamonds in the rough, and looking at the roster of fall 2012's half-hour newbies, there doesn't seem to be many comedy debuts worth caring about.

One exception, though, is NBC's wild-sounding Animal Practice, which comes equipped with a plot straight out of Adult Swim's playbook. It's about a hotshot veterinarian who runs a wacky animal fix-up clinic with his pet monkey. Laughs at the expense of animals with impeccable comedic timing ensue. Yeah, this one's practically guaranteed to meet cancellation before year's end, but, hey, at least it'll do so by literally being, pun intended, ape-shit.