Vancouver-based artist Seth Kay has been relatively quiet since dropping his See U In LA EP back in 2014, but he's back with a new track and music video and we're hoping it's a sign of more to come. "Northside" gets a moody visual treatment that puts Kay at many well-known Vancouver locations including the notorious strip club the No. 5 Orange, where patrons regularly trade their Canadian cash for American $1 bills so they can live out their rap music video fantasies. 

The title "Northside" is not only a nod to Kay's Canadian roots but is also the name of a lifestyle brand with whom the artist is affiliated. While currently sold out, its online store stocks a variety of tees and hats that pay tribute to the Great White North. 

Peep the "Northside" video here and stay tuned to Seth Kay's SoundCloud and Instagram for more updates.