Whenever you hear the echo of Are You Ready? come out of a speaker, prepare to experience Rude Kid’s alienistic grime sound. Starting out in ‘07 as a producer, the Ilford-born music man released a catalogue of iconic productions with the much-loved indie label No Hats No Hoods. Tracks like “UFO Mode” caught the attention of an early grime community — and his 2010 banger, “Jack Daniels”, cemented his extra-terrestrial grime vibe in almost every radio and live set going. Rude Kid’s style is distinctive, so there’s no surprise then that after a decade in the game he’s worked with the finest emcees in Wiley, Skepta, and Ghetts. While the scene has gone on its own rollercoaster ride, the young beat-maker has used the obstacles of not having funds to begin spinning records, getting bookings as a DJ to push grime as well as his own floor-crushing riddims.

After releasing the collaborative 653 EP with Ghetts last year (powered by Relentless), Rude Kid worked his magic on a record we now know as “One Take”, which sparked refixes from the likes of Stormzy and Chip. We also saw him mix up a storm at festivals like Wireless and Glastonbury, and from his unrelenting drive to push the sound to a wider audience, he landed his own weekly show on Kiss FM. As Rude Kid prepares to take grime over to Austin in Texas, for SXSW, Complex caught up with one of the scene’s most in-demand names to talk Ruff Sqwad, the time he nearly quit the genre, and running back home from school to record N.A.S.T.Y Crew.