Big Baby Gandhi announced his retirement from the rap game in early 2013, saying that he was heading back to college to finish his degree in hopes of becoming a pharmacist. Recently, he dropped some unreleased freestyles.

Today, he dropped more previously recorded material via XXL called America Eats Its Babies. It's a five track EP that he worked on with producer Yuri Beats.

On his retirement from rap, BBG told XXL:

“Retiring from rap was a practical decision for me. I looked at how bankrupt the music industry was and the evaporation of social mobility and decided that it wasn’t the way to a better future. I’m trying to be a man, and a man is an adult, and an adult is responsible for themselves and the people they love. So many rappers have nothing else, but I have pharmacy school and that’s where I’m going to refocus my energy. I do take solace in the fact that I’ll be able to release all the material that I’ve recorded over the past year and a half. This includes this EP and a debut solo album I plan to put out later this year.”

Stream his EP below:

[via XXL]

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