New York emcee Big Baby Gandhi took to his Tumblr today to announce that he is officially retiring from the rap game.

The 22-year old emcee from Queens did not give a specific reason of why he decided to leave Hip-hop other than saying he felt that his fans were the only ones that loved him. BBG also said that he will delete his Tumblr after his retirement post has been up for a while. Read his retirement statement below.

hey guys im quitting rap. no more bbg music. decided to move on. special thanx to @himanshu @shiv1 @dapwell @lakutis @steeltippeddove @hotsugar and rest of the greedhead conglomerate. even more special thanx to everyone who listened to my music, sent it to their friends, and came to my shows. sometimes i felt like yal were the only ones that loved me. haha thats not true tho, im not crazy, theres mad supportive ppl in my life. PEACE. keeping this post up for a bit, then deleting my tumblr.

View Big Baby Gandhi's Tumblr while it's still live here.