Age: 21
Label: Greenhead
From: Queens, New York
Active Since: 2010
Twitter: @bigbabygandhi
Best Known Song: "Blue Magic" f/ Das Racist

BBG is something like the Bengali Meek Mill, mostly because BBG spends all his time screaming into the mic. With a co-sign from Himanshu aka Heems of Das Racist (he's signed to Heems' label), Gandhi got a big buzz going this year, culminating with the release of his NO1 2 LOOK UP 2 mixtape. The funny part about all this is—despite his penchant for putting together ill rhymes—he's still just a student studying pharmacy at J. Cole's alma mater, St. Johns University. We're not sure if BBG will pursue a career in rap, but we'd hate it if he didn't try.