As you can see by the state of his well-loved jeans, San Francisco linebacker Fred Warner plays hard on the field and off. But instead of just tossing his favorite jeans and contributing to the 13 million tons of annual textile waste, Warner takes a trip to the Levi’s® Tailor Shop. At the shop, master tailor Marco Ruiz greets Warner, ready to tackle the challenge of reviving the pro athlete’s denim in Levi’s® new Tricks of the Tailor video. 

“I’ve had these forever. These are perfect,” Warner says to Ruiz. “You know, I’ve had these for so long and I usually don’t have a bunch of pairs of jeans, right, but for some reason these have always fit me perfect. But they’re worn out.”

To fix the rips, Ruiz uses darning, a common sewing technique where rows of stitching help weave things back together. He continues by adding a shiny new set of copper buttons to replace the ones that came off Warner’s jeans. And to ensure the pants are as good as new, Warner selects a bright orange version of the iconic Levi’s® tab to complete the repair job. 

“At the Levi’s® Tailor Shop, you already know it’s endless here with the possibilities,” Ruiz tells Warner. That means these two aren’t done yet. The SF star athlete also decides to customize a Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket in the clip and Ruiz gets to work, whipping out the entire Levi’s® customization playbook. To make the piece one-of-a-kind, Ruiz hand distresses the fabric, lines the collar with recycled denim, and sews on gold buttons. With these custom updates finished, Warner opts to add a black eight ball patch on the breast pocket of his jacket for one final personal touch.

The in-store Tailor Shop is just one of the ways Levi’s® is leading fashion’s sustainability movement. Giving customers the chance to extend the life of their go-to garments limits clothing consumption, a key component of the brand’s Buy Better, Wear Longer initiative. So next time, you get rid of your old clothes, think of the eco-friendly play-by-play in Warner’s video, then head to a Levi’s® shop near you. “This is exactly what I wanted,” Warner says. “Everything about it… the rips, the new patch on it. These buttons are insane. Love it.” 

Check out the Levi’s® Tailor Shop to learn more and find a tailor shop near you. 

Styling by Kika Atassio, Hair and Makeup by Karla Olviares, Directed by Spencer Gillespie, Produced by Mia Jamilano, Videography by Jeremy McNamara & Brett Sims, Photography by Ulysses Ortega, Art Direction by Ariel Weaver, and Design by Jonathan “JP” Chavez.