Juliet Johnstone is living out loud and in color and we’re just here to watch, listen, and appreciate.

Born and raised in California, Johnstone merged her love for art with her taste for fashion while attending Parsons School of Design at The New School in Manhattan. Though Johnstone was never one to follow fashion or its ever-changing trends, it was her time at Parsons that taught her how to fuse her artistic side with pop culture’s continual need for new styles and clothing. So, using clothes as her canvas, the free-spirited Johnstone began creating T-shirts, tank tops, and jeans adorned with vivid, custom butterfly, floral, and “LOVE” designs. And while Johnstone may not follow trends, she certainly has no problem setting them. So much that her fanbase lines up every Thursday at 12 PM PST to cop her new drops before they sell out. 

“I have never been into higher fashion [at] all,” says Johnstone. “I’ve never followed collections, fashion shows, [or] designers even, but I’ve always been interested in clothing. I just think I’ve more been into style than fashion.”

As the Los Angeles-based entrepreneur continues her career, she isn’t shy about admitting that her current profession was never a dream. In fact, it wasn’t even part of her wildest “when-I-grow-up” fantasies. Instead, she wanted to become an artist. But the ongoing COVID pandemic changed her plans, leading her to launch a fashion brand all her own.

“I’ve always loved to put together my own outfits. I like to clash patterns and do more unconventional things, but I never saw myself working in fashion at all,” says Johnstone. “I thought it was weird. I was always geared towards the art scene.”