As of right now, the launch date for Gap and Kanye West’s highly anticipated collaboration is still up in the air.

Gap Inc.’s chief executive Sonia Syngal declined to comment on a set date for the launch, saying Kanye himself would announce it. “We’re going to let Yeezy himself announce it,” Syngal told The New York TimesSyngal said Gap was pleased with the products they’d seen so far and said that “creativity takes time.” 

After the multi-year partnership was announced in June 2020, with a launch date set for sometime this summer, Syngal hinted that a date could occur in either the second or third quarter of this year. In a report from the Business of Fashion, the Gap team said that the highly anticipated collaboration was “on track” to launch at the end of June.  Many were expecting further details to emerge in Gap’s annual Q1 2021 Earnings Call, but the date as of now remains uncertain. With that said, the report detailed the importance of the collaboration’s rollout, so hopefully, more details are soon to come.

As we mentioned before, Kanye West’s recent collaboration with Gap is a much-needed lifeline for the ailing company, which saw global sales fall from $5.3 billion to $4.6 billion over the past three years. With that said, the company said on Thursday that its first-quarter sales rebounded 89 percent thanks to surges at Old Navy and Athleta. “I’m staying very, very close to it,” Syngal said of the Yeezy collab to The New York Times, “and think that the planning that we’re doing is really about this multiyear potential – it’s not a one drop and done. We’re planning for multiyear growth.”