Over the past two-and-a-half years, the concept of waking up, getting dressed for work, and remembering to pack a bag for afterwork activities has faded. Instead, people just want to get up and throw on something comfortable (but cute) to get through the day. Then, when the day’s all over, they want go home, unwind, and get ready to do it all again the next day, without repeating an outfit. For those familiar, that’s the very definition of athleisure wear. But the right look is hard to find. Thankfully, Alo Yoga isn’t just another athleisure brand, it’s a feeling—of comfort, joy, and confidence. 

As an acronym for “air, land, ocean,” Alo Yoga doesn’t just want people to look good they want people to feel good through mindful movement and wellness. The brand believes that health is wealth, and that the pursuit of happiness starts with one intentional breath. And as for the clothes themselves, every seam is strategically placed and expertly cut to provide precision in fit, feel, and function. 

To understand the power of feeling as good as you look, and maintaining healthy habits to keep you that way, four Complex employees lived a life of leisure in Alo Yoga’s detail-driven, luxe fabric while embarking on their daily adventures. The results? You’ll have to read their stories below.