Dickies Classics Reimagined as Part of Willy Chavarria’s Fall 2022 Show

Several familiar workwear silhouettes from the Dickies brand were given an update from Willy Chavarria as part of the "UNCUT" show in New York.

A model is seen wearing Dickies pieces for a show

Image via Willy Chavarria

A model is seen wearing Dickies pieces for a show

Featured prominently in the latest show from designer Willy Chavarria are a number of reimagined takes on familiar items from the Dickies catalog of classics, including a Dickies Work Shirt outfitted with oversized shoulders.

Chavarria’s Fall 2022 menswear show, billed under the all-caps title “UNCUT,” also featured a reworked take on the Eisenhower Jacket and a wider-legged edition of the 874 Work Pant.

A model is seen wearing workwear pieces at a show

Of course, Dickies is no stranger to collaborations at large, including with Chavarria. As fans of either will note, the two have been working together in a creative capacity for more than seven years now.

A model is seen wearing Dickies pieces

Present on the runway for the “UNCUT” show in New York, per a Vogue report this month, were a number of members from Chavarria’s collective of Latinx and LGBTQIA creatives who have previously been integral in other projects revolving around the brand.

Speaking on the intention behind this aspect of his approach, Chavarria told the publication that this type of community support remains key in his process. “The whole purpose is to represent, support, and uplift this community,” Chavarria said. “To show what’s possible and what’s beautiful.”

See more of “UNCUT” below.

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